The Belfry

Stuck in the sodding time vortex again



The Rani’s not interested in your boyfriend problems, Master.

Seriously. I do love how you don’t even need slash goggles. But then again, the Rani’s one of the few people we ever see on the show who might have actually witnessed the clusterfuck that turned the Doctor and the Master from BFFs into a complex, complex mess. I love her so.

Oh look, an actual strong woman character on Doctor Who. (In my head canon River Song is actually the Rani and the whole River-luffs-the-Doctah-and-she’s-Amy’s-babby is just the Rani’s major mindfuck of a wicked plot. (Come ON. You don’t really believe the Doctor/River lovestory do you? Not to mention the baby thing… it’s so the sort of fucked up thing the Rani would come up with as part of some convoluted evil plot to mess with the Doctor.)