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Stuck in the sodding time vortex again

My goddamn phone coverage is out

After an hour on the phone with my cell provider (and resetting the phone thus wiping all my info) nothing worked, so she said it must be there is an outage in my area. I guess they don’t actually tell their support staff about outages, or maybe this is just a local one. Anyway, just putting this here because since I’m at work behind a firewall that treats us like babies (no social media for you!) it’s the only way I can get anything on Twitter at the moment.

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My favorite thing about The Hobbit? Is that I know almost nothing about The Hobbit.

My dad read it to me when I was a kid, but I only remember bits and pieces.

1. Bilbo gets reverse psychology-ed into joining the expedition out of spite, because fuck you, dwarfs, thinking I’m not cool enough for…

You remember it just fine. I don’t think the dwarves actually wanted Bilbo along so much as they wanted a “burgler,” because they were noisy types (and not very clever, at least as the book painted them), and incapable of being quiet and sneaky. Bilbo was Gandalf’s idea; for some reason he thought Bilbo needed to be removed from his quiet, safe home and sent on an Adventure. That’s a Christian thing: the idea that God wants to shake you out of your complacent life and go Do Things.

Anyway, it looks like from what the Tumblr people are saying, Jackson added a *lot* to the movie that wasn’t in the actual book. (If he hadn’t it would have been just one movie, not fifteen, or however many he’s planning on stretching this thing out to.)


Remember when RTD speculated that the reason the Master had blond hair after coming back to life was because he dyed it himself in the sink of a public men’s room, where he got mistaken for a male prostitute and fucked a guy in the bathroom stall before killing and eating him?

Remember that that’s a thing that was stated by a man who ran the show?


Well then

Looks like I’ve resurrected this Tumble thing… I mean, looks like this Tumblr has regenerated.

But it’s still not ginger.